Capuchin Crypt in Brno

Funeral room for friars Capuchins The most know part of the monastery after all is the Crypt situated in its basement. It was founded in the middle of the 17th century and its authorship is ascribed to the popular builder Moric Grimm. The Crypt was probably created by adapting cellars of houses former situated in the position of monastery. It is approved by difference floor level in various rooms of the crypt.

Both ideal geological ground composition under the church and exceptional system of airing made possibility for mummification of dead men bodies burried there. System of burying dead friars in crypt under church was usual in other Capucchin monasteries as well. However in Brno dead corps had turned into mummies and so they are preserved till today. Slow drying of human meat enabled original physiognomy sterilization. People burried in the crypt represent all the society levels from time of monastery founding till the year 1787 when a decision of emperor Joseph II. prohibiting burying inside of towns was proclaimed.The Crypt was closed and most of its airing wholes walled.

The original burying room was under alter. It served mostly for friars. By the documents there were more than 150 monks buried there, although only 24 bodies of dead capuchins are preserved. All of them were buried right on ground with one or two bricks under their heads. Friars were carried to crypt in a coffin with movable gout. After putting body on bared ground it was taken out to further usage. This original coffin which served for more than one hundred years is not preserved.

Friar Capuchin with cross Capuchins supporters and donators had another kind of funeral. There were about 50 of them burried there through almost one hundred year. The most important is famous 18th century European adventurer baron Franz Trenck, a colonel of Austrian army. A special room was built for him. In 1872 he was buried in solid metal coffin with glass cover. Besides of baron Trenck many other important personalities were buried there. The last rest also baron Frantisek Josef Koutlinsky with wife Eleonora, friends of Trenck and participators of his bequest found her. The oldest body is of Jakub Kunes of Rosenthal, town councilor dead in 1658, after it Josef Kr. Schauer of Chruseneck lord in Rosice (d. 1667), Martin Stiller burger and father of Order, chronicler Fr. Stiller (d. 1677) and wife of Josef Kr. Schrauer Elisabeth countess Blacei (1684). The oldest man buried there was almost one hundred years old Polish aristocrat Dolesansky dead in 1753. A special place is for Orell familyl, whose members were chimneysweepers in Brno. Barnabas Orelli, foreman of sweepers, was well-wisher of monastery and is buried there since 1757 together with his wife Maria Eliska (dead 1744) and Viktoria Orelli (1769).

Architect Moric Grimm (born in 1699 in Bavaria) was a great person on art in the first half of 18th century. He rebuilt many houses and churches in Brno into baroque form. Moric Grimm repaired also Capuchin church and was buried there in 1757 besides his wife Vorsila (dead 1746). They were parents of two capuchin monks. Also another their son Frantisek Antonin Grimm, engineer, councilor of monarchy rests here since 1784. The others are high-ranking state officials like Frantisek de Gattani, councilor of monarchy and bursar of Moravia (dead 1685), Josef count of Vrbno (1756), count Sak of Bohunovice (1776), Jana (1773) wife of seller Karel Antonin Brussgino or just 12 years old boy, who died as an acolyte besides the altar of the church. Priests buried there are dean of Uherske Hradiste named Lastovka (dead 1747) or Piarist Metodej (dead 1777). The last funeral celebrated there was for Kostelcki husbands (Antonin, seller in Brno, and wife Maria Magdalena) in 1787. Most of dead men lay in original baroque coffins, which are well conserved by the climate and assume funeral practice of old times.

The Capuchin crypt was several times arranged and renewed. During the last adaptation in 1995–1998 a new entrance on left side of church outside the building of monastery was opened.

Opening times

Christmas: The Capuchin crypt is closed from 24th to 26th December 2015 and on 1st January 2016.
The Capuchin crypt is closed from 11th January to 29th February 2016 due to technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


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